David has an immense passion for music. He has had an ear for melodies since he was a kid and over the years has become one of his largest outlets of creativity. David’s musicality and repertoire in music is incredibly expansive and even includes many of his own personal compositions.

Classically trained for over 10 years, David has experience every era of classical music, from Renaissance, to Baroque, to Modern. Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, and MacDowell have occupied much of David’s time on the piano. Without a doubt, David has excellent score-reading skills.

In addition to his structured, theory-based trainings, David improvises, arranges, and composes music, most specifically on the piano. David loves the idea of interpreting feelings, ideas, and circumstances through instrumental music. Collaborative musical endeavors and not new to David’s skill set. David has accompanied and played for multiple choirs, bands, artists, and soloists, and composed/scoed for film and commercials.

David also plays the guitar. Self-taught and mainly creating through chords, David finds the guitar to be an excellent source of musical creativity apart form the piano.

On June 25, 2020, David released his first album consisting of eight instrumental piano songs called “The Things That Shaped Me.” Since his that release, David has released four singles, a Christmas EP, and a second album on May 5th, 2021. David’s instrumental piano music encompasses a neo-classical, cinematic tone, emotionally surging and swaying.

Since the release of his album, David has continued to compose and arrange music.

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